The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi all, apparently I’ve been nominated!!ImageI

Huge, huge thanks to leveluphealth, a truly inspiring individulal who has kindly nominated my little blog! Check him out.

So, for this nomination I have to share 7 things about myself, so here goes:

  1. I live for my two beautiful children.
  2. I am a single parent.
  3. My life is quite dull, although I hope I am not.
  4. I get withdrawal symptoms at the end of each episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
  5. I love music, but am not musically talented in any way shape or form.
  6. I love to dance, but am rythmically challenged.
  7. My favourite place in the world is to be near the sea when it’s stormy, when the waves are crashing, and the rain is pounding down, the unrest somehow soothes me.

So, I also have to nominate 15 bloggers, this is very hard because I’ve only been on this thing for a week or so but here goes:

  1. Bucket List Publications
  2. Gemini Girl In a Random World
  3. Fitness Exercise Wellness
  4. Leanne Nalani
  5. Don’t Forget to Feed The Baby
  6. Tiffany Harper
  7. Robert Nielson
  8. Blueskyvitality
  9. The Mrs R,Com
  10. it’s my blog innit..
  11. Evans Tang
  12. 43fitness
  13. heymacks
  14. The tales of an open book
  15. Mom running her way to sanity and weight loss

Oh my that took a long time, to remember the blogs I enjoyed the most, as I’m only a newbie I have checked out hundreds of blogs in the last 8 or 9 days and enjoyed most of them too. Anyways check them out.

Here’s how you accept.


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