Is it all in our mind?

The question on my mind today comes from my continued cravings for sugary produce, while my hunger levels have managed to miraculously even themselves out. Basically, all last week once about eight o’clock came, i started to feel hungry, and somehow, the more hungry I felt the less I wanted to consume carb and trans fat filled delights like chocolate, chips, baked goods etc. And as my hunger becomes less prominent, my cravings for something delectable increase, which leads me to ask, is it all in our mind?

Surely this cannot be the case as I am still focused on my diet, I have not strayed and I don’t intend to. My mind, like an addict, is searching for any excuse to relapse. I have experienced this before, with food and nicotine, and It makes me wonder about addiction. How strong is our physical dependence on these chemicals we have been consuming.

I have, at one time, been a recreational user of many drugs, legal and illegal, some frequently and some infrequently, and found my walk away from them a lot easier (not easy), than my lifetime quest of maintaining a healthy diet. I stepped back, didn’t like what I was doing, and in fear of being controlled by these drugs, I stopped. Yet, I am still allowing myself to be controlled by food! I just don’t get it.

So in the true spirit of education I intend to do some research on addiction, because I really feel that education is power. Maybe for some of us, it is more than “eating our emotions” or being lazy. Maybe we can stop beating ourselves up, and use information as the driving tool to beat our obsession with food.

My next few posts will be exploring this kind of thinking so stay tuned!

Anyone ever felt like this? Or passionately disagree?




Just a quick one tonight, I’m a little tired. Weigh day today and I just can’t believe it 8 whole pounds down, so that leaves me at 207. I’m absolutely ecstatic. I don’t expect to maintain this level of weight loss nor do I want to(I need my skin to catch up), but it really just gave me the boost I needed to go on again for another week. The strictness of this first cycle has totally paid off. Bring on next week………………..

When I have a kid…..

So, I’m doing my grocery shopping today and I happen to bump into an acquaintance of mine from b.c.( before children), and I have the little’uns with me, as always. We’re chatting uncomfortably and my boy, 18 months, pulls my girls(2 1/2) hair. I say “God, if you do that again today I’ll just scream” and kind of laugh awkwardly because this is not unusual to me, it happens daily, but I knew what she was thinking which is the old “when I have kids…”. Anyways she turns and says to me “I have this friend, Dee, and she has a beautiful little boy. He’s three and just sooo well behaved. I think the trick is she just really enjoys him, y’know just plays with him all the time ‘nd stuff. She’s totally into motherhood, that’s how I wanna be.” . It was her tone, so judgemental.

Now I happen to also be acquainted with Dee, and I happen to know that her trick is to work 30 hours in a usually stress free environment, she works in a pharmacy in the perfume section. Her beautiful little boy is in nursery from 8.30 until 5.30 on the days she works which is a deficit of 20 hours, and like my kids, he is in bed by 7.30. I have previously spoken to Dee on this subject, in fact it was her very own statement, “I have it so easy”. So I say to this girl “What planet are you on have you seen her life?”. And just like that as if on cue, my girl says “big girl toilet, quickly, quickly!”. And so I run, thank goodness.

If I had not have run this may have been what I could’ve said in a blind rage against people who say the infamous “When I have kids…”:

Hold on there, I enjoy my kids just fine missy, just who do you think you are? Do you know the realities of parenthood? NO. Do you realise the difficulties in spending your every minute with the same, little people? NO. Do you have any idea of the constant battles a parent faces? No. And I’ll bet after this conversation you won’t want to either. I’m sorry I lashed out like that, god I’m just so embarrassed. Please don’t judge me. Bye.

Hence the thank goodness. Moral, If you are childless don’t utter those previously mentioned infamous words to a cranky mom. Also I do really love and enjoy my kids just in case any one is dialling for emergency services right now.

Before I leave you I would like to add that I am still going strong, have’nt broken yet, but I’m simply too hungry tonight to write about food/diet/exercise/all of the above.

As always, comments are welcome.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hi all, apparently I’ve been nominated!!ImageI

Huge, huge thanks to leveluphealth, a truly inspiring individulal who has kindly nominated my little blog! Check him out.

So, for this nomination I have to share 7 things about myself, so here goes:

  1. I live for my two beautiful children.
  2. I am a single parent.
  3. My life is quite dull, although I hope I am not.
  4. I get withdrawal symptoms at the end of each episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
  5. I love music, but am not musically talented in any way shape or form.
  6. I love to dance, but am rythmically challenged.
  7. My favourite place in the world is to be near the sea when it’s stormy, when the waves are crashing, and the rain is pounding down, the unrest somehow soothes me.

So, I also have to nominate 15 bloggers, this is very hard because I’ve only been on this thing for a week or so but here goes:

  1. Bucket List Publications
  2. Gemini Girl In a Random World
  3. Fitness Exercise Wellness
  4. Leanne Nalani
  5. Don’t Forget to Feed The Baby
  6. Tiffany Harper
  7. Robert Nielson
  8. Blueskyvitality
  9. The Mrs R,Com
  10. it’s my blog innit..
  11. Evans Tang
  12. 43fitness
  13. heymacks
  14. The tales of an open book
  15. Mom running her way to sanity and weight loss

Oh my that took a long time, to remember the blogs I enjoyed the most, as I’m only a newbie I have checked out hundreds of blogs in the last 8 or 9 days and enjoyed most of them too. Anyways check them out.

Here’s how you accept.

Fresh Start – Again….

Firstly, aren’t sugar headache a real bitch!!!!

Anyway, the thing is, I can be silly and funny and careless sometimes but mostly I’m a pretty serious person. I’m a person who over-thinks and tries to analyse and that has been my downfall on more than one occasion. When I started this blog I decided to change not just my weight, but me too. When I began this diet I thought the best thing would be not to take it too seriously, you know  follow it and learn from it but don’t be too rigid, don’t over-analyse, just use it as a guideline.

On the first three days I did just that, and where I didn’t enjoy something I’d substitute it and just made sure I stayed below 1200 calories. Then I started reading the book, and it turns out there are actual reasons why this diet is so strict (duh) and actual reasons why I should make an effort to really stick to it (I will explain at the end). So yesterday I started fresh, again, and am happy to say day 2 is nearly over, again. Only 15 days to go in cycle 1.

I’ve had 2 really shitty nights though, not anything to do with the diet and everything to do with the yung’uns, and a couple of hours sleep really doesn’t help with life altering decisions(like chicken or turkey), and so due to lack of preparedness I’m absolutely starving again tonight! On the plus side though, I haven’t been bloated or uncomfortable for a good few days now and I do feel more energised.

On a different topic, I sat down yesterday and really sorted out my finances. I’m usually fairly good with money but the last 5 to 6 weeks I went a bit off the rails with spending and really ended up behind on my rent and bills. What  a relief it is to have sorted through it and I worked it out so by next week I’ll be all caught up again.

I’m really starting to feel the benefits of knowing that I’ve decided to do this, I’ve decided to change(not too much), and ultimately I’ve decided to improve our lives(mine and the yung’uns). On that note I will now outline the 17 day diet, if you’re yawning skip to bottom and leave a comment, please.

The 17 Day Diet is made up of four cycles, and it goes like this:

Cycle 1: Accelerate (17 days)
Purpose: To promote rapid weight loss by improving
digestive health. It helps clear sugar from the blood to
boost fat-burning and discourage fat storage.

Cycle 2: Activate (17 days)
Purpose: To reset your metabolism through a
strategy that involves increasing and decreasing
your caloric consumption to stimulate fat-burning
and to help prevent plateaus.

Cycle 3: Achieve (17 days)
Purpose: To develop good eating habits
through the re-introduction of additional foods
and move you closer to your goal weight.

Cycle 4: Arrive (ongoing)
Purpose: To keep you at your goal weight through a
program of eating that lets you enjoy your favorite foods
on weekends, while eating healthfully during the week.

Here’s the breakdown of the food I’m allowed to eat in cycle 1:

Lean Proteins

Salmon, canned or fresh
Canned light tuna (in water)

Chicken breasts
Turkey breasts
Ground turkey, lean
Eggs (2 eggs = 1 serving)
Egg whites (4 egg whites = 1 serving)

Cleansing vegetables

Artichoke hearts
Bell peppers, green, orange, red,
Brussels sprouts

Green beans
Green, leafy vegetables (including beet greens,
turnip greens, collard greens)
Lettuce, all varieties

Low-Sugar Fruit—2 servings daily

Berries, all types
Prickly pear cactus
Prunes Red grapes

Probiotic Foods—2 servings daily

Yogurt, any type, including Greek-style, sugar-free fruit
flavored; plain; and low-fat (6 oz. container = 1 serving)
Kefir : similar to a drinking-style yogurt; great
for making smoothies (1 cup = 1 serving)
Low-fat acidophilus milk (1 cup = 1 serving)
Yakult (small 50-calorie bottle)
Breakstone LiveActive cottage cheese (½ cup =
1 serving)
Reduced salt miso dissolved in low-fat, lowsodium
broth (1 tablespoon = 1 serving)
Tempeh (a fermented cake of pressed
soybeans) (4 oz. = I serving)
Sauerkraut (½ cup = 1 serving)
Kimchi (Korean cabbage) (½ cup = 1 serving) Find it
in Asian supermarkets or natural food stores, and
enjoy a small amount as a side dish with meals.

Friendly Fats: 1 to 2 tablespoons daily

Olive oil
Flaxseed oil

Condiments are also allowed, and truvia as a sweetener. Green Tea is recommended with every meal.

There is a greater variety in cycle 2, and again in 3 and 4.

The book itself, while it does explain everything, there is also a lot of bulk, like learn about the author, even a quiz to see if you’re ready(like wtf), but Ive read some reviews and apparently it really works. It seems pretty drastic to me thought and I don’t know if I will stick through all the cycles, but I’m not giving up yet. I think this might be a good one for anyone trying to shift the last 10-20lbs.  Also, the book is very condescending, it even has a section where the guy outlines benefits of being fat(dead serious), I kind of thought do you want me to lose weight or not?

Well that’s the info, you can ask questions or comment below I am always grateful for any interest.

Good night, I am going to hopefully have a great night sleep.

Shocking Discovery

So, I finally did it, just this evening I weighed myself,and am not so happy to say that I underestimated. I was absolutely horrified when I saw 215lbs on the scale. I am however trying to remain positive as even standing on the scales was a big step for me. It’s definitely time to take charge of the situation.

It’s my day 2, and I have to say I’m not hungry, although there have certainly been times during these two days when I would have eaten some horse burgers(link added for those who haven’t heard) if given the opportunity!!  I think that is just down to preparation, having meals planned and as much prepared as possible, because having two young kids, ages 2 1/2 and 18 months, means not having the luxury of taking that time during the day. So lesson learned.

I also tried something new, organic low-fat yogurt. Not being a fan of yogurt in the past, I tried the strawberry flavour and am a convert, it was delicious. For my 2nd something new on Friday I am going to try fish. I haven’t eaten fish since I was about 5 and walked into my Grandmothers kitchen to say hello, only to be greeted by a half gutted fresh fish on the kitchen table. It really freaked me out with its little beady eyes watching me, not to mention the smell. But I’m going to suck it up, so if anyone has any suggestions, which would be the best one to try first,what to serve with it and how do I actually cook it, they would be much appreciated.

I’ve also been made aware of a great mobile app, The Nike Training Club, brought to my attention by Emma here at Blue Sky Vitality some great tips and some recipes there too.  The app has lots of full-body and area specific workouts, chosen first by goal, get lean, get toned, get strong, get focused, and then by level, beginner, intermediate, advanced. This allows for a wide range of interval training based workouts, lasting between 15-45 minutes. I’ve only done one cardio workout so far, and my advice have a towel handy, it was tough going.

Just in case any one is curious I have to admit that while I have started The 17 Day Diet, I did pretty much just skip straight to the meal planner section, I haven’t yet found the time to start reading so when I get around to it, I will post something about that.

Thanks for taking the time to read and, as always, suggestions or experiences or even just a friendly comment accepted with gratitude.

Can I really do this?



Hi everyone and  welcome. This is my very first post on my very first blog.

I decided to start blogging to hold myself accountable. To stop floating through life like i’m being carried by a current, grow up and take responsibility for where my life is right now. I am an overweight, single parent. I am out of work with no qualifications. I am going to change all of that and I NEED HELP.

So starting now I’m accountable. I’m hoping through followers and comments to exchange advice on all aspects of life and maybe find some people in similar positions to go through this change with me.

Signing off, Samantha.



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