Just a quick one tonight, I’m a little tired. Weigh day today and I just can’t believe it 8 whole pounds down, so that leaves me at 207. I’m absolutely ecstatic. I don’t expect to maintain this level of weight loss nor do I want to(I need my skin to catch up), but it really just gave me the boost I needed to go on again for another week. The strictness of this first cycle has totally paid off. Bring on next week………………..


Can I really do this?



Hi everyone and  welcome. This is my very first post on my very first blog.

I decided to start blogging to hold myself accountable. To stop floating through life like i’m being carried by a current, grow up and take responsibility for where my life is right now. I am an overweight, single parent. I am out of work with no qualifications. I am going to change all of that and I NEED HELP.

So starting now I’m accountable. I’m hoping through followers and comments to exchange advice on all aspects of life and maybe find some people in similar positions to go through this change with me.

Signing off, Samantha.



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