When I have a kid…..

So, I’m doing my grocery shopping today and I happen to bump into an acquaintance of mine from b.c.( before children), and I have the little’uns with me, as always. We’re chatting uncomfortably and my boy, 18 months, pulls my girls(2 1/2) hair. I say “God, if you do that again today I’ll just scream” and kind of laugh awkwardly because this is not unusual to me, it happens daily, but I knew what she was thinking which is the old “when I have kids…”. Anyways she turns and says to me “I have this friend, Dee, and she has a beautiful little boy. He’s three and just sooo well behaved. I think the trick is she just really enjoys him, y’know just plays with him all the time ‘nd stuff. She’s totally into motherhood, that’s how I wanna be.” . It was her tone, so judgemental.

Now I happen to also be acquainted with Dee, and I happen to know that her trick is to work 30 hours in a usually stress free environment, she works in a pharmacy in the perfume section. Her beautiful little boy is in nursery from 8.30 until 5.30 on the days she works which is a deficit of 20 hours, and like my kids, he is in bed by 7.30. I have previously spoken to Dee on this subject, in fact it was her very own statement, “I have it so easy”. So I say to this girl “What planet are you on have you seen her life?”. And just like that as if on cue, my girl says “big girl toilet, quickly, quickly!”. And so I run, thank goodness.

If I had not have run this may have been what I could’ve said in a blind rage against people who say the infamous “When I have kids…”:

Hold on there, I enjoy my kids just fine missy, just who do you think you are? Do you know the realities of parenthood? NO. Do you realise the difficulties in spending your every minute with the same, little people? NO. Do you have any idea of the constant battles a parent faces? No. And I’ll bet after this conversation you won’t want to either. I’m sorry I lashed out like that, god I’m just so embarrassed. Please don’t judge me. Bye.

Hence the thank goodness. Moral, If you are childless don’t utter those previously mentioned infamous words to a cranky mom. Also I do really love and enjoy my kids just in case any one is dialling for emergency services right now.

Before I leave you I would like to add that I am still going strong, have’nt broken yet, but I’m simply too hungry tonight to write about food/diet/exercise/all of the above.

As always, comments are welcome.


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