Just a quick one tonight, I’m a little tired. Weigh day today and I just can’t believe it 8 whole pounds down, so that leaves me at 207. I’m absolutely ecstatic. I don’t expect to maintain this level of weight loss nor do I want to(I need my skin to catch up), but it really just gave me the boost I needed to go on again for another week. The strictness of this first cycle has totally paid off. Bring on next week………………..


Shocking Discovery

So, I finally did it, just this evening I weighed myself,and am not so happy to say that I underestimated. I was absolutely horrified when I saw 215lbs on the scale. I am however trying to remain positive as even standing on the scales was a big step for me. It’s definitely time to take charge of the situation.

It’s my day 2, and I have to say I’m not hungry, although there have certainly been times during these two days when I would have eaten some horse burgers(link added for those who haven’t heard) if given the opportunity!!  I think that is just down to preparation, having meals planned and as much prepared as possible, because having two young kids, ages 2 1/2 and 18 months, means not having the luxury of taking that time during the day. So lesson learned.

I also tried something new, organic low-fat yogurt. Not being a fan of yogurt in the past, I tried the strawberry flavour and am a convert, it was delicious. For my 2nd something new on Friday I am going to try fish. I haven’t eaten fish since I was about 5 and walked into my Grandmothers kitchen to say hello, only to be greeted by a half gutted fresh fish on the kitchen table. It really freaked me out with its little beady eyes watching me, not to mention the smell. But I’m going to suck it up, so if anyone has any suggestions, which would be the best one to try first,what to serve with it and how do I actually cook it, they would be much appreciated.

I’ve also been made aware of a great mobile app, The Nike Training Club, brought to my attention by Emma here at Blue Sky Vitality some great tips and some recipes there too.  The app has lots of full-body and area specific workouts, chosen first by goal, get lean, get toned, get strong, get focused, and then by level, beginner, intermediate, advanced. This allows for a wide range of interval training based workouts, lasting between 15-45 minutes. I’ve only done one cardio workout so far, and my advice have a towel handy, it was tough going.

Just in case any one is curious I have to admit that while I have started The 17 Day Diet, I did pretty much just skip straight to the meal planner section, I haven’t yet found the time to start reading so when I get around to it, I will post something about that.

Thanks for taking the time to read and, as always, suggestions or experiences or even just a friendly comment accepted with gratitude.

Yep, I’m doing it, The 17 Day Diet…..


So , after two days of research and one final meal (pizza, chocolate and some chips for good measure) I have decided the 17 Day Diet is the way to go. I’m not too keen on a lot of the recipes, however I do have a friend who I trust completely and she had nothing but good things to say.I’m not really interested in losing  a lot of weight very quickly, but do feel the need for a kick-start, so this seems like the perfect route for that. Also the fact that said friend has given me the book for free has made a huge impact on my decision, since like almost everyone else in the universe I am BROKE!

So here is my to do list for tomorrow:

  1. Get Weighed – I do not own a scales and haven’t actually weighed myself in over a year. I can make a decent guess at about 200 lbs, but I don’t know the exact number. Standing on the scales seems quite daunting, although a necessary step on the road to my recovery, so to speak.
  2. Find an exercise plan – I have done diets before, but I have never adhered to an exercise regime. I may start out with the best of intentions but somehow it never lasts more than a week. It’s the laziness in me I guess. This time I am determined to lay out an exercise regime that i can do from home(suggestions appreciated) so I simply have no excuses to back out.
  3. Try something new – So as I have already said, the recipes and meal plans on this diet don’t exactly appeal to me. My main problem on diets in the past has been even on a plan with a wide variety of healthy foods, my choices are limited because of my fussy palette. To try to avoid that problem, I am going to try something I would normally avoid, at least twice a week.

If anyone out there has tried this diet, or any diet, or has any suggestions I would love to hear about your experience or any advice you may have to offer. I’m feeling nervously excited at the beginning of the journey to finding me under my fat!

Thanks for reading.

Wish me luck!!

Can I really do this?



Hi everyone and  welcome. This is my very first post on my very first blog.

I decided to start blogging to hold myself accountable. To stop floating through life like i’m being carried by a current, grow up and take responsibility for where my life is right now. I am an overweight, single parent. I am out of work with no qualifications. I am going to change all of that and I NEED HELP.

So starting now I’m accountable. I’m hoping through followers and comments to exchange advice on all aspects of life and maybe find some people in similar positions to go through this change with me.

Signing off, Samantha.



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