Is it all in our mind?

The question on my mind today comes from my continued cravings for sugary produce, while my hunger levels have managed to miraculously even themselves out. Basically, all last week once about eight o’clock came, i started to feel hungry, and somehow, the more hungry I felt the less I wanted to consume carb and trans fat filled delights like chocolate, chips, baked goods etc. And as my hunger becomes less prominent, my cravings for something delectable increase, which leads me to ask, is it all in our mind?

Surely this cannot be the case as I am still focused on my diet, I have not strayed and I don’t intend to. My mind, like an addict, is searching for any excuse to relapse. I have experienced this before, with food and nicotine, and It makes me wonder about addiction. How strong is our physical dependence on these chemicals we have been consuming.

I have, at one time, been a recreational user of many drugs, legal and illegal, some frequently and some infrequently, and found my walk away from them a lot easier (not easy), than my lifetime quest of maintaining a healthy diet. I stepped back, didn’t like what I was doing, and in fear of being controlled by these drugs, I stopped. Yet, I am still allowing myself to be controlled by food! I just don’t get it.

So in the true spirit of education I intend to do some research on addiction, because I really feel that education is power. Maybe for some of us, it is more than “eating our emotions” or being lazy. Maybe we can stop beating ourselves up, and use information as the driving tool to beat our obsession with food.

My next few posts will be exploring this kind of thinking so stay tuned!

Anyone ever felt like this? Or passionately disagree?



Can I really do this?



Hi everyone and  welcome. This is my very first post on my very first blog.

I decided to start blogging to hold myself accountable. To stop floating through life like i’m being carried by a current, grow up and take responsibility for where my life is right now. I am an overweight, single parent. I am out of work with no qualifications. I am going to change all of that and I NEED HELP.

So starting now I’m accountable. I’m hoping through followers and comments to exchange advice on all aspects of life and maybe find some people in similar positions to go through this change with me.

Signing off, Samantha.



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